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About Me 


 I enjoy creating possible realities, working from my own personal mythology.  I  create worlds, morphing creatures, and the rules of nature.  Cooperation between species is a reoccurring theme; no animal or spirit is forced to work with humans. 

Lately, I have been exploring the challenges our natural world faces through this mythology.  I am inspired by nature, science, and the mystery of communication between people or between species.  My paintings are also deeply personal, I am always in there somewhere,  these landscapes are my home. Although some of my work incorporates the intense challenges humanity and the natural world face, it is always my goal to view the world from a positive viewpoint. The world is amazing and wonderful and yes we can make a difference. 

I mostly paint in acrylic, but also occasionally in oil. Recently I have been incorporating fiber into my pieces, creating paintings on canvas and sewing them into wall hangings. I am excited about the possibilities of combining my two loves, painting and fabric art.

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